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How to Give

You have an opportunity to make a significant impact in your community both now and in the future. Together, we can work to change the character of Pelham to make it more inclusive and supportive of sports, arts & culture.

You will also be making a significant investment in the health of your region, by providing your friends and family with a place to play, train, work out and gather.

There are numerous naming opportunities available as part of the $3 million capital fundraising campaign for the new Meridian Community Centre. Your contribution will enrich the lives of your neighbours, friends, family, children, and most importantly, your community.

Read or watch the donor stories, as they become available to see why these community champions are inspired to support the Meridian Community Centre project.

For more information about this once-in-a-lifetime transformational project or to be part of the Meridian Community Centre fundraising efforts, please contact Martin van Zon, Capital Campaign Consultant at 905.332.8315 or at