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About the Meridian Community Centre

After more than 25 years in the making, the inaugural Meridian Community Centre project is complete! The Centre serves as a community hub for residents of all ages, offering a wide-variety of recreational, social, health and community activities for many years to come. Seniors, youth, and families alike, are able to gather and enjoy each other’s company, while building lasting community connections.

Atrium Lobby

Atrium Lobby

The Meridian Community Centre unites surrounding communities with state-of-the-art recreational facilities, community rooms, and performing arts spaces to inspire the growing region to greater cultural heights. Sports teams, theatre and arts groups, service clubs and artists from the surrounding area are drawn into the heart of Pelham, allowing us to share our rich and vibrant community culture with the larger region.

“Seniors are able to make use of the centralized walking track, friends and family are able to cheer their champions on from the upper viewing decks, and teens are building positive relationships by participating in any number of team sports,” explained Pelham Mayor, Dave Augustyn. “Residents can attend exciting events in the Centre’s multi-purpose spaces, from concerts and dinners to bridal shows, art exhibits, and even the Mayor’s Gala.”

The Centre is dedicated to welcoming all residents, by ensuring that the new facilities are fully accessible. The building itself is featured prominently in the newly designed public square, part of the award-winning new East-Fonthill development along Highway 20 and Rice Road.

Now, the Town of Pelham needs your support. The estimated total project expenses are $36.2 million. Your capital campaign gift will help to improve the quality of living in the Town of Pelham and the larger Niagara Region. Contact Martin van Zon at mvanzon@interkom.ca or 905-332-8315 to learn more. 

For information about programs and events, please visit the Town of Pelham website.