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Concrete poured at Accipiter Arena

PELHAM – December 15, 2017 – Tim Nohara, president of Accipiter Radar Technologies, watches as concrete is poured in the Accipiter Arena at the Pelham Community Centre, at Highway 20 and Rice Road, Thursday, December 14, 2017 in Pelham.

Accipiter Radar Technologies president Tim Nohara watched as workers poured concrete in the arena that will carry his company’s name once it opens next year inside Pelham Community Centre.

“It’s for the people of the town, it’s a generational project and we’ve got a vibrant growing community. It’s time,” Nohara said of why his company chose to sponsor the arena.

He said Pelham has outgrown its old arena on Haist Street.

My kids played there, I played there and coached there … this is the next phase,” he said of the 12,870-square-metre facility, home to two ice rinks.

Nohara was part of a group that had a short tour of the facility, at the corner of Highway 20 and Rice Road, Thursday morning.

His company donated $250,000 to the capital fundraising campaign for the community centre and the Accipiter Arena will feature an NHL-size ice surface with a 1,000-seat spectator area.

“This is a community that supports itself .. when we had the opportunity, we stepped up to the plate.”

Nohara was thrilled with the progress of the two-storey multiuse facility, which also has a walking track, a large divisible gymnasium, community rooms and spacious atrium.

He was glad to see the $36-million project, which is 98 per cent tendered, on schedule and on budget.

“Kudos to the oversight team, council and staff for keeping it on schedule.”


Courtesy Dave Johnson/Welland Tribune

Courtesy Dave Johnson/Welland Tribune

Courtesy Dave Johnson/Welland Tribune

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Originally posted in the Welland Tribune – Written by Dave Johnson on December 15, 2017